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Frances Kelsey is excited to be partnering with Mill-Shaw Meadows to offer the district’s first Equestrian Academy. 


Program Description: The Frances Kelsey Equestrian Academy at Mill-Shaw Meadows is open to students in grades 9-12. It is a uniquely structured academy designed to fit the needs of various ability levels, disciplines and types of riders. The curriculum allows students to pursue excellence in their discipline as an equestrian as well as develop skills for lifelong learning. This Academy seeks to provide a flexible, personalized approach to education while supporting passions and skills in horse related sports, horse related careers, and post-secondary opportunities.


There will be four levels of riding lessons offered within the groups: Introduction to riding, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Instruction will be given by Mill-Shaw staff, supervised by an FKSS teacher. The teacher will be responsible for assessment. The program is one semester long, two blocks per day, five days per week. Students will garner 8 credits towards graduation. Students will walk to and from Mill-Shaw Meadows located at 1101 Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd. (approximately 10 minute walk on a cart path trail along Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd).


Each week will be divided as follows: • Two riding lessons per week, developing horsemanship and equestrian skills • Two stable management and equestrian theory lessons per week • One cross training lesson per week, with equestrian specific exercises (strength conditioning, stretching, and yoga), as well as sports nutrition.


Academy Instructors Qualifications: Cathie Newman is a Licensed and Certified Equestrian Canada Competition Coach. This certification includes:  NCCP certification, Fostering Healthy Environments, Concussion Awareness, Standard First Aid, NCCP Making Ethical Decisions, vulnerable sector search and criminal record check.  This is monitored by the National organization of Equestrian Canada and the Provincial Horse Council BC. Rebecca Mason is a Licensed and Certified Equestrian Canada Instructor of Beginner (same as above without the competition segment.)  Becky is also certified Pony Club Level D, an adjudicator for Pony Club of Canada and a CANTRA Certified Therapeutic Instructor.


Detailed biographical and facility information available at: The cost of the program is $3000.00. This can be paid in full or paid monthly. There is one bursary available.


To be considered for the Equestrian Academy, please complete this online application no later than June 21st, 2023. This application is an expression of interest.


You will receive confirmation of placement by June by June 28, and we will ask for a deposit of $500.00. If you have any questions, please direct them to Cathie Newman at Mill-Shaw Meadows (250) 882-8995 / or FKSS Principal Nicole Boucher

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